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DI CHEN - 陈迪


Update - 2019 Mar: I’m now working at WeChat hoping to serve a billion of our users with better design.

Update - 2017 Aug: I'm a master student pursuing a degree in Information Science at Cornell University. My focus areas of study are Human-Computer Interaction, UI / UX Design.

Before I came to the State, I spent four years in a beautiful tropical island, Singapore, where I obtained my Honours Bachelor's degree (graduated with distinction) in Computer Science from National University of Singapore.

I'm also a licensed scuba diver 🐡 (PADI Open Water) & freestyle snowboarder🏂. Exploring the world is always full of adventure -- so does product design.

I enjoy coding as well as working with graphics. That's why product design caught me so deeply -- half designing half coding. Usually, you will find me drawing with Sketch while having Terminal window opened when I'm working.

If you are interested in any of my work, feel free to drop me a message :D!

Email: sundy.chendi@gmail.com